Having been a grateful participant at one of Tasha's Leadership programmes, I invested time to find out more. Put simply, after a week of 'Train the Trainer' I had discovered more about leadership, & myself, than in the previous decade. In a personal development area drowning in snake oil, Tasha is a stand-out exception. This stuff works. If you have an opportunity to learn from her my unequivocal advice is to grab it with both hands 
Euan Smith 
Chief Operating Officer 
Years later I still use the insights and inspiration I gained from Tasha every day, both in coaching others and continuing to develop my own leadership journey. I count the time spent with Tasha among the most productive and valuable investments of my career. 
Lisa Frizzell 
Houston, Texas 
I often talk about the fab coaching session I enjoyed with you .... so inspirational. 
Pauline Lidbury 
Tash was an inspiration during my Masterclass. Calm, funny, engaging, inspiring; she gently guided the group through to where it needed to be, drawing on a great range of facilitation skills and expert knowledge. 
Dave Hughes 
Director at Connection Matters 
Tash was my masterclass trainer earlier in my career and I credit her facilitation and coaching skills with my decision to make a significant shift in both my career and personal life. The programme itself requires commitment and thought as well as enthusiasm, and has been an invaluable part of my own, and many others' development. Tash's delivery and personal commitment to her delegates makes the programme an unforgettable experience that will forever change your leadership approach, and really help you be the best you possibly can. I have gone on to deliver multiple programmes across various business areas and challenges, and also watched a programme roll out shift a business beyond all expectations to achieve significant, tangible improvements. I can't recommend it, or Tash, enough. 
Olivia Fenton 
Associate Partner 
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